Plastic Surgery

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lip augmentation by lipofilling

Both lips may be smaller than the patient desires; sometimes improvement of the balance between both lips is requested. Mainly in the upper lip a distinguisment can be made between thin lips by nature and the gradual thinning and flattening of the vermillion that are caused by the ageing process.

The most durable way to augment a lip is to use body fat. This procedure is called lipostructure. A small amount of fat is harvested from the thighs, the buttocks or the abdomen by suction through a 3 mm incision (liposuction). The fat particles are purified and injected in the lip. Treated lips swell tremendously for two to three weeks, and it takes three to four months before their reach their final size. This operation can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. In most patients this treatment is permanent, although partial loss of volume over time is possible.