Plastic Surgery

wrinkles, baggy eyelids, skin folds

Crow's feet and frown, lip or neck wrinkles are caused by continuous muscle action on skin that looses its elasticity. In some areas these muscles can by simply paralysed locally with botulinum toxin. Other wrinkles can be treated better with fillers. Both types of treatment can be performed in the office. Daily life activities can be resumed almost immediately.
When the skin presents with fine wrinkling and/or solar damage, peeling may tighten it and restore a more even colour. Depending on the depth of the treatment the required anaesthesia varies from none to general and the healing varies from mild desquamation for a few days to a lot of swelling and crust formation for two to three weeks.
When tissues sag as in baggy eyelids or in skin folds in the cheeks or the neck, surgical correction is the most efficient option. Current lifting techniques like a face-lift or a neck-lift are focused on repositioning of sagging tissues. Stretched skin can be removed. If shortage of fatty tissue causes shortness of volume some fat may be transferred from another body area (lipostructure).
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