Plastic Surgery

be well-informed

1. the verbal explanation
This website offers general information with a view to aligning consultations to suit your personal problem. It enables you to visit your doctor, prepared with some background information.
These are not exhaustive instructions, nor a complete list of things that may go wrong. A doctor will only formulate a treatment plan based on your medical case history and your personal preference. The most important explanation will be provided verbally during the consultation. Every person and procedure is different; there is no such thing as a complete manual on paper for every unique procedure. Even an elaborate written study of possible side effects and complications, can never be complete. There is always the possibility that you are the first patient to experience a certain complication which has not yet been described in medical literature. The doctor will thoroughly go over the procedure with you, including discomforts, often occurring complications and known rarer, although serious, complications.
It is of the utmost importance that you only schedule an operation once you have fully assessed the situation, no matter how small the procedure may be. Write your questions down. It is better to return for a second consultation prior to the procedure, than be left with avoidable problems.

2.obligation to perform to the best of one’s ability
The plastic surgeon is dedicated to carrying out your procedure with due and proper care. His efforts and choice of materials, however, offer no guarantee of achieving any intended results. Medicine may be based on science, but in itself is not an exact science. Every human body is different, and medicine is not capable of knowing all bodily processes, let alone predict these.
Your doctor will explain in all conscience the treatments most likely to be successful in your case. However, the outcome or complications, if any, can never be fully predicted. If you request to undergo a procedure, you should be prepared to bear the risk. Your doctor will in any event commit himself to properly treating any complications, or have them treated by colleagues. In case of a less than favourable outcome, he will propose possible additional corrections. However, treatment of complications or additional treatments are not included in the prearranged operation budget.